How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

by Kristy BurtΩSkin CareΩ3 min read
How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential for healthy and glowing skin. Best tips for keeping your skin hydrated:

  1. Drink plenty of water! The skin health shows from the inside and out so drinking enough water is essential for hydrated skin.

  2. Use quality skin care! The skin is like a sponge so what is absorbed into the skin's epidermis layer will be beneficial for beautiful hydrated and healthy skin.

  3. Skin care steps to do morning and night:

    1. Cleanse (wash your face) with a p.H balancing cleanser (using soap is harsh and can skip natural oils of the skin leaving it feeling tight and dry).

    2. Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week. Dead cells can sit on the surface of your skin creating blocked pores and a dull appearance.

    3. Tone your skin using a non-alcoholic toner will seep into the pores after cleansing to balance the p.H levels and target specific skin care needs.

    4. Serums are designed to penetrate to the last layer of the epidermis they are made with smaller molecule ingredients designed to target what you want to change with your skin. For hydrating using a hydrating serum, collagen serums, peptide serums, or hyaluronic acid serums are great.

    5. Moisturise! Using a moisturiser will protect and soften the top layer of the skin also locking in all the other skin care topical applications that have been used.

  4. Keeping out of the harsh UV rays. The sun can be very harsh for the skin and also it can create severe health problems. So using a SPF cream will prevent any UV damage and dehydration with your skin. You will still absorb the goodness the sun has to offer like vitamin D you are just blocking the UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

  5. Eating a healthy balanced diet is great for skin health some hydrating foods to keep in mind are:

    1. Fatty fish (salmon, herring, mackerel)

    2. Avocados

    3. Sunflower seeds

    4. Walnuts

    5. Tomatoes

    6. Sweet potatoes

These tips you can do everyday will help not only hydrate your skin but will help keep you healthy and pretty inside and out.